Prof. Mumtaz Ahmad


Prof. Ata ur Rehman Khan

President Elect

Prof. M Akram Malik

Vice President

Dr. Muhammad Shahzad


Prof. Muhammad Nazir

General Secretary

Dr. Sharjeel Sarfraz


Short History of PAUS

Urologists in Pakistan started with being associated with the Nephrologists and there exists a Nephro-Urology Association. However this was not a natural association but simply a marriage of convenience which was waiting to fall apart. It was the leadership of Professor Farrakh Khan who had the far sight of forming the Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (PAUS) and for this in 1997 he brought together all the young and senior urologists of the country.

In August 1997, a small but convinced group of urologists gathered in the auditorium of Mayo Hospital, Lahore for 2 days of meeting and to launch their nascent association PAUS. Behind the scene, discussions and negotiations were necessary to have all stake holders on board. A working group was formed to get the constitution of PAUS ready and then to take the association to the next level.

In 1998 the first meeting of the newly formed PAUS association was held in Lahore.

Professor Farakh Khan as president, Professor Riaz Tasneem as secretary and Dr. Salman Waris as treasurer were elected as the first ever office bearers of the association. This was a term of 2 years. This meeting also was a landmark as it was attended by the then Prime Minister who donated a sum of Rs. 2 million as seed money for getting PAUS off the ground.

Year 2000 saw the first PAUS meeting at Lahore and was the beginning of much to come. In 2001 a meeting held in Karachi at Sindh Institute of Urological Transplantation (SIUT), Dr. Masood Sheikh was elected as President , Dr. Farhat Abbas as secretary and Dr. Zafar Zaidi as treasurer took charge of PAUS Central Office . The constitution was revised and chapters vitalized. It was decided to hold an annual meeting of PAUS. In 2002 PAUS annual meeting was organized by Lahore Chapter and the term Urocon was adopted.

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